I washed my face with sparkling water and here’s what happened… aka Eastern skincare alternatives, part 2

Is the title of this post next-level click bait? Yes. Have I no shame? Absolutely none. But did it actually work? You’ll have to read on!

In my last post on Eastern skincare alternatives (which I know was a long time ago!) I covered my top Korean beauty products; this time I want to go further and share some Eastern beauty techniques that are slowly changing my skin for the better – or at the least the way I feel about my skin. (Which in my opinion, is almost as good!)

Face roller

Face rolling, the act of using a tool that looks like a little paint roller and literally rolling it over your face, is not a new concept. In fact, face rollers are thought to have been around since 7th century China. But given the gentle face massage is meant to increase circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system and help with wrinkles, they’re definitely experiencing a renaissance so of course I jumped on board!

My first decision was to decide which face roller to buy. I stumbled across Herbivore Botanicals which sells the most amazing looking products and found two face rollers from which to choose – rose quartz or jade. They both sounded great, with rose quartz typically used to ease tension and stress, and jade used to help eliminate toxins and provide balance. But since they both kinda sounded the same to me, I went with the prettier one and bought rose quartz (what can I say? It’s for the ‘gram!)

I use my roller most nights (or more accurately, when I remember / am not utterly wrecked and want to get to bed ASAP) and I love it! After applying (i.e. slathering) rosehip oil, I use the large side of the roller to massage my face in small upwards and outwards motions towards the hairline, applying pressure on the upwards roll and loosening it on the ‘backwards’ roll. I then use the smaller side very gently in the same motion around my eyes. To be honest, I’m not sure if I’ve noticed a difference in the look of my skin, but I’ve noticed a difference in the way it feels. My muscles are definitely less tight (especially around my jaw which is great, as I’m a serial night time tooth grinder, ouch!) and I get a great sense of satisfaction at the feeling of rolling out my wrinkles. It’s also a great night time / pre-sleep ritual as it feels like a mini facial and is a super relaxing way to end the day.

DIY face treatment – Sparkling water

When I first read about the idea of using sparkling water as a face treatment, I was intrigued. Since I don’t use a lot of products to look after my face, preferring a very minimal (you could say lazy) approach to my skincare routine, I thought it would be perfect to try. Considering the money you can end up spending on products, masks, and treatments, the fact that this was also cost-effective was a massive bonus.

So after reading into it some more and the supposed benefits such as firming and plumping (uhh yes please) I gave it a go. I mixed one part regular water and one part sparkling water into a bowl and after cleansing, splashed it on my face a few times. FYI hardcore fans of this treatment like to use their basin instead and soak their face in it for anywhere between 10 seconds to when they need to take a breath, but as this was my first attempt and having sensitive skin, I decided to start small.

SOOOO what happened?

Well for starters, my skin felt a *little* tingly whilst washing it but in a nice way. Mostly my skin just felt suuuuuper clean afterwards. And kind of like I had a really nice exfoliating session. My pores also seemed to look a bit smaller? So I guess it felt like an exfoliator-toner hybrid! Overall, I’ll definitely keep doing this as I’m not a fan of hardcore/chemical exfoliants and haven’t had much luck with a good toner, so this felt like a really nice (and cheap) alternative!

E x