MONA in photos

You might remember that earlier in the year I shared some of my goals for the New Year, one of which was to make the most of my weekends and take small getaways. Well I’ve managed to take my second small getaway for the year, this time to Tassie!

Even though it was a whirlwind 2.5 days, the husband and I managed to fit in a huge amount and one of the highlights was our visit to MONA, Australia’s largest privately owned museum. Built into the rock face and spanning underground, the actual space is as impressive than the artwork housed inside. Here’s a few of my favourite snaps:

The new Pharos wing of MONA. This wing was the highlight for me of the whole museum!

Also part of the Pharos wing. As soon as I stepped into this cave I felt like I was inside a genie lamp and couldn’t get the theme song of I dream of Genie out of my head. Even just watching this video is bringing it back…

The inside of MONA, which is underground. Super industrial and cool looking

The inside of Faro, the new bar and restaurant part of the Pharos wing. This huge orb acts as both the key design feature of the restaurant and as a new immersive installation (you can actually go inside and do a weird sensory experience thing which I  declined)

Massive cutlery and place setting goals at Faro. Can this be anymore on trend? And can I have that cutlery for my home? (Also, the food was delicious and pretty well-priced considering the setting and the variety and calibre of the dishes. Highly recommend etc etc)

We caught the ferry there and back and purchased ‘posh pit’ tickets, where you sit in a special section on the ferry and are served complimentary sparkling (or other drinks, but why would you not be fancy and get sparkling?) and small canapes on the ride over

E x