Style lessons we can learn from Clueless

When settling in to watch the movie Clueless recently (after the standard good half hour or so browsing through Netflix to try and find something to watch, I’m not good with options…) it struck me just how much of the fashion featured in the film is still on trend today. Many of Cher’s – the lead character’s – outfits wouldn’t be out of place on the streets of Melbourne or on the racks of both high end and high street department stores. Even my own wardrobe has a touch of Clueless with my gingham/check print coat!

So what style lessons can we learn from a film that continues to influence our sartorial choices even today…

There’s no such thing as too matchy matchy

If there’s only one lesson we can take away from this film (I mean there’s not, but if there was…) it’s this one. Bonus points for the plaid print which is oh-so-close to the current gingham trend. Hey, if these matching outfits are good enough for Dolce & Gabbana who designed the iconic tartan suits shown in the movie, then who are we to argue!

Image result for clueless plaid dolce gabbana

If you’re going to do sports, might as well do it sports luxe

If you thought that the sports luxe trend was new, think again. Sports luxe – the fusion of fashion and fitness which involves adding a stylish twist to sportswear so you can head from the gym to brunch (unless you’re me in which case you need a good hour – preferably two – before you go anywhere so that your face stops looking like a beetroot) – was featured in Clueless and of course, they *nailed* it. See right for Cher’s expert layering of a plain white tee and cute black cami and her blingin’ mobile phone carrier, and Dionne’s bandana and sheer sleeves. Yes please.

Hats are a girl’s best friend

Lastly, you may not have realised upon first watch, but hats reign supreme in Clueless. From berets, to structured pieces, to the just plain outlandish, Clueless showed us that hats are the perfect accessory to lift an outfit, bring a look together and make a style statement. As a bonus, they’re also great for a bad hair day, but that’s just coming from me!

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