Accessories essentials series: The clutch

It’s been a while since the last post in my accessories essentials series, but what better way to jump back into it than by focusing on an unsung hero: the clutch.

As a self-confessed pack horse, I’m the first to admit that converting to a clutch can be difficult. What about the scarf/umbrella/snack/kitchen sink (tick as appropriate) that you oh-so-desperately need to take with you everywhere you go? It might not be easy, but moving from a bag to a clutch is less about what you lose and more about what you gain: freedom!

No more rifling around your handbag to find your phone, being forced to leave your bag on the ground at brunch, or having a perpetually sore shoulder; the clutch fixes all of that. It’s also a style statement in and of itself – I often find that even a casual outfit looks better without a big handbag permanently attached to my hip. In fact, Alexandra Shulman, former editor-in-chief of UK Vogue, even believes not carrying a handbag is a true “power move”.

While she might advocate not carrying any kind of bag at all, I say a decent-sized clutch is a good alternative for those who want to start downsizing.

E x