The new ‘neutral’

When it comes to fashion, the word ‘neutral’ usually conjures up various shades of black white and beige, with a little navy thrown in for good measure. And it’s easy to understand why these colours are so attractive, since these colours typically go with everything, are timeless, and flatter every shape and size.

But this winter, the idea of neutral is being redefined and stores are filled with various pastel hues in shades that don’t immediately scream neutral, but nonetheless seem to tick all the same boxes. One of my current favourites is dusty pink. I’ve never been a ‘pink’ person but this shade of pink, reminiscent of a beautiful pastel pink sunset, is neutral enough to go with everything whilst still making a splash.

Khaki is another colour helping to redefine neutral thanks to the way it compliments black and cream, two prominent neutrals, and its ability to be trans-seasonal. I love my khaki leather jacket and I’m excited to add more khaki to my wardrobe in the future.

Lastly, there’s grey. While grey isn’t a new addition to the neutral palette, it still warrants a mention here thanks to its recent resurgence. From grey woolen cardigans to fluffy grey scarves, there’s no abundance of grey in the stores right now and I for one couldn’t be happier because it means this grey coat I picked up three years ago is still on trend.

E x