Surviving winter in Melbourne

Those who know me off the ‘gram know how much I despise cold weather. In fact, I don’t know if ‘despise’ really captures my feelings towards the cold – it’s more like a healthy dose of loathing mixed with a touch of dread. Because no matter what the season, I’m the kind of person that always feels cold. But with winter well and truly here (the scary thing is it’s only June which means it’s only going to get worse!), survival mode has kicked in and I’m ready to face winter head – or is that beanie? – on! So here’s a perpetually cold person’s guide to surviving winter in Melbourne.

Faux fur fluff

First thing’s first, get yourself a huge fluffy faux fur coat STAT. I bought this one recently from Glassons and it has changed my life! It is incredibly thick which serves two purposes: 1) Keeps me warm (duh); and 2) Means I don’t have to compromise my outfit for fear of being cold. The fact that this coat is a statement piece in and of itself is also great, because it means I can sometimes slack off with the rest of the outfit (hey don’t judge! It’s winter!)

Wearing: Glassons Faux Fur Coat in navy; Alexander Wang Marion bag

Copious amounts of hot chocolate

The one good thing about winter is that it’s the perfect excuse for indulging in copious amounts of hot chocolates. Some of my favourites in Melbourne include this one from The Hardware Société which comes deconstructed, and the hot chocolate from Chez Mademoiselle which comes in a mug so big that you’ll feel oh-so-dainty just drinking it!
Cosy nights in

There is nothing better in winter than having a cosy night in by the fireplace. If like me however you do not have said fireplace, don’t fear as this plans works just as well with a toasty doona and/or some kind of heater (but preferably both). It’s also the perfect time to catch up on those shows or movies that you never quite get to in other circumstances (might I recommend a fashion documentary like Iris, which shines the spotlight on the fascinating life of a true style icon, Iris Apfel).


Melbourne is known to be unpredictable when it comes to rain at the best of times, so I couldn’t finish this post without mentioning raincoats. Luckily though, these days raincoats don’t have to be just practical – they can also be a style statement. Just look at this Gorman one that I picked up this time last year which comes with me just about everywhere I go but still fits in with my own personal style (rose gold, anyone?)

Wearing: Gorman raincoat; Uniqlo jeans; Chloe boots

What are your tips for surviving winter?

E x