Why you should dress up everyday (Part 1)

I was at a party not too long ago where I spotted a fellow party go-er wearing the most amazing bright red maxi dress. It immediately caught my eye and I couldn’t help but remark to a friend how great she looked. The first thing they said back? “Why is she so dressed up?”

It made me think about the art of dressing up and how a lot of people – me included – sometimes shy away from dressing up these days for fear of standing out or looking ‘too dressy’. But when I saw this girl in red it made me realise that dressing up is not only fun, but a sign of confidence, and that we should definitely be doing it more often. Dressing up doesn’t have to necessarily mean wearing your floor-length dress everywhere you go (although it definitely can!), it just means not being afraid to rock whatever style or piece you’re feeling simply because it might not be what everyone else is wearing.

So in Part 1 of my two-part series, here’s a a few reasons why you should dress up everyday – whatever dressing up means for you…

1. Why fit in when you can stand out? I love seeing how people put an outfit together; whether it’s mixing pieces that others never would have thought to mix, or dressing up for that party even though most people are wearing jeans and a t-shirt, don’t let the fear of standing out stop you from dressing up. Because you never know who you will inspire in the process!

2. It can help improve your mood. Studies show that what we wear can affect our mood and vice versa. It makes sense that if we’re feeling down or blue we tend to reach for our comfort clothes (think old, oversized cosy jumper), but choosing to wear your more ‘special’ or flattering pieces can have the reverse effect and actually improve how you’re feeling instead!

3. You’ll actually get wear out of your wardrobe. Surely I can’t be the only person that buys that dream dress/blazer/skirt only to never wear it because it’s too dressy or too out there? Dressing up means finally wearing these pieces and never having to look at your wardrobe with guilt again! Like my gorgeous gold sparkly Ferragamos that I brought for my wedding! Watch this space for how these are styled for everyday wear, coming soon…

4. It’s fun! One of the things I love about fashion and dressing up is how fun it can be! Remember not to take sartorial life too seriously and how satisfying it can be wearing your fave pieces out on the town. (Like that time I wore my rose gold flower crown to my birthday, ’cause #yolo).

5. You never know who you’ll see. I couldn’t write this post without including this one, as it’s something my mum used to say ALL.THE.TIME (hi mum!). Whether it’s an unexpected encounter with a friend, ex-colleague, or just someone you haven’t seen in a while, you’ll probably walk away from the encounter feeling more positive if you weren’t wearing your sloppy sweats.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where I share some simple ways to dress up everyday, coming to the blog next week!

E x