In-flight carry on essentials

No matter how much you love travelling, the actual flying-part can be a bit of a drag. This is especially the case living in Australia, where most overseas destinations are at least a 7 hour flight away! But a perfectly packed carry on can help make a long haul flight and a seemingly arduous journey as painless as possible. While I don’t claim to be a travel expert, I’ve spent time over the years refining my in-flight must-haves to the point where packing my carry-on is now quick and easy (if only I could say the same for packing my actual suitcase…!) Here’s what I’ll be taking on my upcoming flight to Japan.

Beauty must-haves

My skin has the tendency to get quite dry on long haul flights thanks to the pesky air con, so I take a range of beauty items to feel as fresh as possible. I always take face wipes to ensure my face remains cleansed throughout the flight and to help avoid any breakouts that can happen due to the stale air, and I also like to have a facial mist on hand to give my skin a refreshing spritz if I start to feel particularly dry. This rosewater-based one by Mario Badescu from Mecca is my favourite – I just pour a little bit in a travel sized bottle before the trip. I also make sure I have a small hand cream and lip balm (damn that pesky air con again) and a rollerball perfume which is the perfect way to feel human again after a long flight.

The organisation essentials

When it comes to packing my in-flight essentials, I take two bags on the plane: a bigger bag to carry my scarf, cardigan, beauty products etc (usually a backpack – there’s nothing worse than lugging a big, heavy shoulder bag around the airport, especially when you’re madly rushing from one side to the other!) and a small shoulder bag which contains the items that I might need easy access to before and during the flight. Think money, passport, lip balm, a small snack, mints/lollies etc. This one from Mimco is perfect as it has two separate pouches to keep everything organised. This trip I’ll also be taking a monogrammed passport holder from Mon Purse that I received for my birthday last year (thanks EK!) which means I can stop worrying about my passport getting wet or damaged.


I absolutely love watching movies on the plane. Sometimes I manage to catch a movie that I missed in the cinemas, or sometimes if I want to zone out I’ll put on one that I’ve already seen so I don’t have to focus too much on what I’m watching. But as much as I love watching movies, I always like to give myself (and my eyes) a break and read as well. I tend to prefer taking a magazine on the plane over a book as it’s easily disposable once I’m done and much less heavy to carry.

Comfort clothing

And finally, what to wear! As much as I would love to be one of those people who manage to dress stylishly on flights, I’m not ashamed to admit that I will always go for comfort (you will never see me on a long haul flight in jeans!). In fact, the thought of being uncomfortable on the flight makes me shudder – especially if it’s an overnight one and I want to get some shut eye! So I always wear a variation of the following: black leggings, oversized shirt or dress, sneakers, and a big cardigan and fluffy pashmina for when it inevitably starts to get cold! The cardigan and pashmina also double up as an additional blanket or pillow which is a handy bonus.

If you have any in-flight essentials that I’ve missed, I’d love to know! Now just to pack my actual suitcase…

E x