The art of personal style

No matter what your look, the most important thing when it comes to style is feeling comfortable and confident. That’s why for me, personal style is less about sticking to your look and more about owning your look, as well as experimenting, having fun, and learning a thing or two about your sartorial leanings along the way. Through my personal experience, I’ve found these simple tips below useful on my journey to refining my personal style.

Seek inspiration

A great way to start discovering or refining your personal style is to gather inspiration from your much loved style icons. Whether it’s a celebrity, your favourite blogger, or someone you know, pulling inspiration from people whose style you admire is one of the best ways to get started on your sartorial journey. I’ve found that Instagram is a great platform for this, but Pinterest would also be a great alternative.

Identify your signature pieces

Take stock of your wardrobe and start to identify your staple items. These are the items you love and purchase again and again because they make you feel confident and chic. Once they’ve been identified you can start to (re)build the rest of your wardrobe with a style that reflects where you are in your life and cull any pieces that just aren’t ‘you’ anymore.

Now step out of your comfort zone

Although this may seem contrary to the point above, I like to think of it as complementary. While having a signature piece – or signature pieces – is a great way to streamline your wardrobe, trying something new whether it’s the latest trend or a different cut or shape from your usual go-to attire, can be a great way to revitalise your look. I try to do this gradually rather than all at once to make sure my new pieces can be incorporated seamlessly with my already established style. The leather pants at the top of this post, for example, are a new addition to my wardrobe but pair well with my signature pieces (which include boots, singlets and rose gold accessories).

Wearing: Zara singlet; Emilia Rossi White Arrow necklace; Mimco clutch; Marc by Marc Jacobs watch. Above wearing: White Suede leather pants; Midas shoes.

Be authentic

The most important thing in your journey to discovering or refining your personal style is to be authentic. From embracing your signature style to experimenting with new additions, your style should help you feel confident and reflect your individuality. After all, staying true to yourself and your personal style will mean you always own your look – no matter what that is!

E x