The perfect shoe(s) for spring

If you’ve been following my blog or Instagram for a while, you will know I have a deep affinity for boots. So when the warm weather hits after a winter of living in my favourite boots, I always find myself a little shell shocked at the thought of having to wear something that’s a bit more practical for those hot, sunny days. To help get myself prepared, I’ve done some spring shoe scouting and you can shop a selection of my top picks below:


The cornerstone of any spring or summer wardrobe, sandals are the most practical shoe coming into warm weather – but that doesn’t have to mean they’re predictable. My favourites feature elements such as metallics and monochrome contrasts so as to add some interest to a simple outfit.

From top left clockwise: Midas Johanas sandal; Mi Piaci Maeve dress sandal; Senso Floyd sandal.


For those times when a sandal just won’t cut it, flats can be a trusty go-go in the warmer months. Swap your black flats for something with a little more colour to instantly transform your look from winter to spring.

From left: Tony Bianco Tallulah slides; Jo Mercer Elsy Casual flats.


And finally, for those times when you need to bring out the big guns, you can’t go past a pair of heels with intricate straps and in lighter colours which just scream spring.

From top left clockwise: Mi Piaci Samson Mid Heel; Senso Neave heel; Wittner Racquel heel.

Hope my picks help you get inspired about your spring shoe-drobe!

E x