Accessories essentials series: Black and (rose) gold

The second instalment in my essential accessories series is all about one of my favourite colour combinations, black and rose gold (in case you missed it, you can find my first post on eyewear here).

From clothing to decor to accessories, in the last few years rose gold has dominated the world of style. And it’s easy to see why. The neutral tone of rose gold means that it works well with loud colours and bold prints, but its warm tone and copper lustre means that it can brighten up even the most minimal of colour palettes (guilty!).

One of my favourite black and rose gold accessories is my Alexander Wang Marion bag (featured on the blog before here), so I was beyond thrilled to find a perfectly matching pair of heels – and from ASOS no less, which is much kinder on my poor bank account!

I personally love rose gold because I find that by adding it to a plain black accessory, the dark shade is heightened and a touch of luxe is added to the outfit, while the contrast created by the combination of the two creates a point of interest that immediately catches the eye.

I’ve already styled these two pieces with my boyfriend jeans, and I’m looking forward to next pairing them with an all-black ensemble to let the rose gold shine!


Wearing: ASOS Taker heels; Alexander Wang Marion bag, Diesel Jogg Jeans, C&M by Camilla and Marc tee, ASOS sunglasses

E x