Ways to wear white sneakers

Although I’m not usually one for jumping on a trend-wagon (read: a trend bandwagon) if there’s one that I’m ready to embrace whole heartedly, it’s the all-white sneaker.

As comfortable as they are versatile, the white sneaker is a modern-day style staple and a (very) welcome addition to my wardrobe! They tick all of the style boxes; they’re the epitome of Insta-cool, ideal for achieving that laidback look for busy weekends and long brunches, and they leave my feet thanking me rather than hating me!

When I spotted these Nike Roshes in all-white but with their signature tick in black tick, I was immediately drawn to the striking contrast. I’ve been a fan of Roshes for a long time and knowing how comfortable they were, these babies came straight home with me.

Styling them, however, wasn’t quite as easy. I struggled at first with what to wear with them, as I wanted them to pair them with ensembles I would normally wear rather than completing changing my style. After a bit of experimenting (and a whole lot of floordrobe!), I finally have this look sorted. Below are some of favourite ways to wear white sneakers, followed by some tips for every white-sneaker rockin’ fashionista – whatever your style.

Pair them with a shirt

I love shirts, and pairing them with white sneakers is an easy way embrace laidback chic without venturing into tracksuit territory. Given the amount of shirts I have in my wardrobe, this look will keep me going for a while.

Add a blazer

I like to wear my white sneakers with a tailored piece like an oversized blazer. Adding a blazer elevates the look just that little bit more and downplays the ‘sportiness’ of the shoe, and would work just as well with a t-shirt as it does with a shirt.

Let your whites shine bright

I like playing with monochrome contrasts, and these shoes are no exception. As much as I like trying to blend the white sneaker into my overall look, I also love embracing the contrast and wearing an all-black ensemble so my sneakers are the statement piece.

Here are some other, more general tips I’ve learnt so far:

1. The sock conundrum

When it comes to any kind of street-style sneaker, socks can make or break the look. I like to either hide the sock entirely by wearing anklets, or wear a higher ankle sock with some kind of detail, as I find that plain, low cut ankle socks make the look too sporty.

2. Cropped is king

Whether you’re wearing your white sneakers with jeans, pants or a skirt, the bottom piece of your outfit should be at least a bit cropped. I find this is much more chic and really shows off the shoe!

3. Your style reigns supreme

Finally, when rockin’ a white sneaker (or in fact a sneaker in any colour) it’s important to work them with your existing wardrobe. After all, there’s nothing worse than changing your entire style for one item in your wardrobe and not feeling like yourself! While this may require some initial effort mixing and matching your pieces to see what works and what you feel comfortable, this will be worth it in the long run.

I hope this post gave you some inspiration about how to style your own white sneakers!

E x