How I became ‘A Morning Person’

As a self-confessed former night-owl, sometimes I still can’t believe that I’ve become what used to perplex me most: A Morning Person. Only a few years ago you’d most likely find me sleeping in until all hours of the day, and when I finally did wake up it was almost always on the wrong side of the bed! But these days it’s a different story; now I’m the person suggesting early morning breakfast catch-ups before work, and even on weekends I’m usually up before 8am. So in my latest wellness post, I’ve teamed up with WelleCo to share some of my secrets behind becoming a morning person so that you can become one too – and it doesn’t even involve caffeine!

Get a good nights sleep

This one is a fairly obvious, but extremely crucial. Without a restful sleep, even the earliest of birds will find it difficult to rise and shine. There’s a range of reasons why people have difficulty falling or staying asleep, but a big one can be an inability to unwind and switch off. I’ve found that a calming hot drink before bed, such as a cup of Sleep Welle Fortified Calming Tea, can help as it can improve not only the speed of falling asleep, but the quality of sleep as well. This is thanks to its three key herbal ingredients: Valerium which encourages deep sleep, Hops which helps creates a sense of calm, and Skullcap which is used to treat conditions such as insomnia and anxiety. These herbs are combined with lemon balm, passsionflower and natural lemon and mango flower to create a delicious tea that will help create calm without leaving you groggy in the morning. (The tea can can also help during the day when you need a moment of stillness and calm. Bonus!)

Wake up at the same time everyday

One of the hardest things for me in my journey to becoming A Morning Person was to start waking up at the same time everyday, as there was always an excuse to delay my alarm clock. Whether it was being out later than normal the night before, feeling like it was too cold to get out of bed, or just being downright lazy, there were a multitude of excuses I made for myself. Although this step took a while to master, once I did I felt a lot better and it’s now second nature to me to wake up early on weekends (and if I find I’m tired during the day, I just take a cheeky afternoon nap!)

Change your alarm clock tone

This one’s easy: change your alarm tone to music that gets you moving and makes you feel good. There’s nothing like starting your day on a positive note, and it’s a lot easier to get out of bed when you’re woken up by your favourite song rather than an annoying default alarm tone.

Get out of bed immediately

An easy habit to get into when your alarm goes off is to lie in bed for a while before actually getting up (usually while scrolling through social media feeds!). While some people find this helps them wake up, this can be a dangerous trap as it can prevent you from feeling fresh and alert. Try getting out of bed as soon as your alarm goes off to kickstart your mind and body – and keep those social feeds for over breakfast.


The final step to becoming A Morning Person is eating breakfast. It can be easy to skip breakfast when we’re on the go and often we may not feel like breakfast in the morning, but even something as small as a banana can help get you energised for the day ahead.

If you have any of your own tips on becoming A Morning Person, I’d love to hear them!

E x

In collaboration with WelleCo. All opinions are my own and these tips are based on my personal experiences only.