Keeping warm (and feeling like a yeti) in rag & bone

As a person who is perpetually cold (I’m even known for it amongst my family and friends), I don’t really like winter as a rule. But the one thing I do like is the clothes. While dressing for summer is admittedly a lot easier, dressing for winter is just a lot more fun. And there’s not a lot that’s more fun (or more warm!) than my long fluffy bomber jacket from rag & bone new york.

This jacket is a current favourite of mine as it ticks all of my winter boxes: it keeps me warm, adds some texture and street-style flair to my outfits, and is big enough that I can get my layering on underneath. The only drawback is that it’s so big and fluffy that I look like a yeti! (But a stylish one, so I guess that’s okay). Having just purchased a new camera – an Olympus Pen E-PL7 – the recent Melbourne sun meant that it was the perfect opportunity to finally take some snaps of this jacket, as my previous attempts with my iPhone just weren’t doing the material justice. While my Instagram husband (aka actual husband) and I are still learning how to use the camera, I love how the photos turned out as you can really see the contrasting colours and textures of the fluffy navy material, the black leather trim, and the gold zip detail.

          Wearing: rag & bone jacket; Cos jumper, Diesel jogg jeans, Chloe boots, Colette Hayman bag

E x