Raincoat round-up

While you may think that the trusty raincoat is simply a winter essential, here in Melbourne a rain jacket comes in handy all year round! But even in the cooler (and rainier) months, the perfect one can prove to be annoyingly elusive. Whether it’s too short, too long, no hood, big hood, too thick, too thin, searching for a rain jacket can be a little like Goldilocks searching for the perfect porridge! So this winter I’ve done the hard work for you and tracked down some of the best raincoats out there with a range of features and prices so you can find the perfect one. Here’s my raincoat round-up:

The Gorman collection

I couldn’t write a post on raincoats without starting with Melbourne brand Gorman! Known for their quirky and clashing prints, the Gorman rain jacket has been a Melbourne (and in fact, Australian) staple since the label started in 1999. Although I’d never owned one before, after spotting one in their store window recently it was love at first sight and I’m now the proud owner of my first Gorman raincoat (it’s black with copper, guys! Truly the stuff of dreams).

Me wearing Gorman Ain’t No Mountain Long Spray Jacket


Gorman Dot Raincoat

The raincoat-trench hybrid

Perfect for when you need to protect yourself from the rain but still want to look stylish, the raincoat-trench hybrid is the perfect blend of functional and fashionable. What’s even better is that these raincoats don’t have to linger at the back of your wardrobe waiting for the weather to turn, as they look good rain, hail or shine.

Rains Curve Jacket from The Iconic

ASOS Premium Parka in Satin Fabric

The parka

An underrated but valuable edition to any wardrobe, a good parka can be the perfect finishing touch to a look that’s chic yet nonchalant. This version of the raincoat  is also perfect for layering and would look great thrown over a thick woollen knit.

Rains Long Jacket from The Iconic

ASOS Parka with Waterfall and Storm Flap

The double whammy

Finally, to complete the raincoat round-up there’s the puffer jacket. This bad boy not only keeps you dry but also keeps you warm, all while hiding those few extra kilos that somehow sneakily pile on during winter (hint: it’s probably the dumplings). Whatever your reason, the puffer jacket is great for those like me who feel the cold.

Country Road Longline Puffer Coat

Cotton On Amara Femme Puffer

I hope this post helps you find exactly what you’re looking for this wet season!

E x