Behold the boot

Shoe shopping for me is a little like shopping for jeans – painful at the time but worth it when I find the perfect pair. As much as I love shoes (and believe me, I love them a lot!), I always find the process so difficult. Thanks to my relatively narrow feet and propensity for blisters, they’re either too big, too small, too wide, or just too uncomfortable.

Enter the boot!

Thanks to the array of styles and cuts and the slight edge they can bring to most outfits, boots are one of my wardrobe staples. With the rainy weather that’s been hitting Melbourne recently, I’ve been wanting to find a pair suitable for both work and leisure; something with a slight heel for a more corporate look, a cut that can be styled with jeans, but nothing that screams “weekend wear only!”. I thought I’d be looking well into the winter season, but to my surprise I recently found the perfect pair after popping into the shops during my work break to avoid the rain!

Here’s how I’ve styled them for work and leisure so far.

Boots – Jo Mercer; Pants, blouse + coat – Scanlan Theodore

Boots – Jo Mercer; Jumper – French Connection; Clutch – Mimco; Jeans – Uniqlo; Sunnies – Asos

Boots – Jo Mercer

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