That time I was a guest judge for The Urban List’s hot cross bun taste-off

Recently I had the honour of being the guest judge of The Urban List’s annual hot cross bun taste-off! Well less an honour and more my-email-got-picked-out-of-a-hat type of situation, but still, who cares about minor details when there’s food involved. Anyway, moving on!

As soon as I found out I had won, the excitement began. While I wouldn’t go so far as to use the label ‘foodie’ to describe myself (after all, doesn’t EVERYONE like food?!), I do love winning, carbs and free stuff, so I felt like I’d hit the jackpot.

And I’m happy to report that the taste-off did not disappoint.

Walking into The Urban List office, I couldn’t believe how many hot cross buns there were! I even had a moment of doubt, wondering how I would be able to try them all (don’t worry, I managed to push through my moment of weakness). There was an assortment of around 20 different kinds of hot cross buns to try, ranging from the traditional raisin hot cross bun to the more experimental chocolate cherry combo (more on that later). To prevent any bias, we didn’t know which hot cross buns we were trying at the time and that just added to our (okay, my) competitive spirit. The Urban List team even broke out some sparkling to mark the occasion and help get our judging hats on, proving once again that sparkling really does go with everything (not that anyone really needed more proof). I felt like Pete Evans, except, you know, eating a tonne of carbs and butter #ilikebigbunsandicannotlie

After sampling and rating the baked goods (the suspense! the excitement! the carbs!), a winner was announced and I left with my hands full of hot cross buns (literally, they were so full of hot cross buns that I kept having to stop and readjust them on the way home for fear of losing some along the way).

You can check out the winner at The Urban List’s article here, but if you’re interested in my personal favourite, I couldn’t go pass the aforementioned chocolate cherry combo hot cross bun which was from Chez Dre and Aussie Farmer Direct’s chocolate chip hot cross bun. Because when you’re comparing chocolate and raisins, is there ever any real competition?

Enjoy your Easter buns!