Cult and classic fashion trends: The autumn edit

Can you believe autumn is upon us already?! Well, for my fellow Aussies it is anyway! Even though the warm weather is continuing to linger on in Melbourne, I’m already dreading the impending weather change and plotting ways to survive the decidedly gloomy days ahead. One of my solutions is to start planning my autumn wardrobe and busting out some key pieces to brighten up a dreary day! So I’ve compiled a roundup of my favourite cult and classic autumn trends below.

The jury’s in on geometry

Geometric prints have permeated the fashion realm and can be found on shirts, pants, coats – you name it! These are perfect for minimalist lovers like me who want a simple print that still packs a punch and makes a bold statement. I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect geometric coat as my next key purchase, but there are plenty of other pieces already out there for my fellow geometric lovers. (Sidenote: Geometric prints are also a hot trend for homewares! I’m loving my geometric rug from Kmart).

Clockwise from left: Country Road geometric necklace; Lulu & Co geometric print trousers from Asos; Marcs bucket bag.

Going ga-ga for gilets

Never heard of a gilet? Well you’re about to! The gilet is a sleeveless coat or jacket and it’s popping up everywhere. I admit I was sceptical about the practicality of this at first; after all, if it’s so cold you need another layer, why would that layer be sleeveless?! But when I found this one from Witchery, I was converted. I’ve already styled it with a light shirt for work and a t-shirt for play, and it’s perfect for that in-between weather when you don’t need a heavy jacket but need a little somethin’ somethin’ to keep you cosy.

Witchery sleeveless gilet

Say hello to high necks

When it became apparent that turtle necks were ‘back’, my heart sank. As someone who doesn’t have the longest of necks, I’ve always found it incredibly hard to pull off a classic turtle neck. So I was beyond thrilled to notice that the latest autumn trend is a high neck rather than a turtle neck; a piece with a slightly higher neck line than a normal top to help keep you warm, but one that doesn’t cling to your neck and make you feel like you have a double chin (or is that just me?).

Preoccupied with pleather

Lastly, pleather is back baby. Never mind that it never really went anywhere in the first place, pleather is here in a big way. Think jackets with pleather arm details, blazers with pleather collars, pants with hints of pleather, and pencil skirts that are entirely pleather; whatever piece of clothing you’re looking for you’ll probably find it! My top picks are this recent jacket purchase from Witchery (see the first image in this post), and this pleather skirt from Sportsgirl which I am just itching to try.

Sportsgirl skirt


Sportsgirl midi pencil skirt

Hopefully this post has helped make you feel as excited about autumn dressing as I am! x