Quick and dirty guide to Hong Kong part two: Eating


I don’t even know where to start, the food in Hong Kong was just that good. So good that I’m convinced we each put on a couple of kilos despite only being there five days*. But, since I have to start somewhere, here’s a brief list of a few of my favourite places to eat.

Oddies Foodies

I didn’t do much research prior to visiting Hong Kong, but after seeing this artisan gelataria on the blog A Pair and a Spare I just knew I had to go there. Despite a false start (we got there too early and it wasn’t open! Cue crushing disappointment), we finally made it and was glorious. The gelato was an even better version of McDonald’s soft serve (who knew that was even possible?) and the chocolate chop egg waffles were unbelievably light and fluffy.

Social Place

We only discovered this place after a friend in Hong Kong took us there for dinner. It was so good that we went back the following night. Social Place delivers traditional Chinese food with a modern spin, and a contemporary, bright, roomy interior that feels like a nice change from the bustle outside. The two stand outs here for me were the shiitake mushroom buns which are made to look like mushrooms, and the custard buns that were filled with deliciously sweet and gooey custard.


Classified Food

Breakfast has always been my favourite meal of the day but is the most difficult for me when travelling, because even though I immerse myself in the local food, I always crave a Western-style breakfast. Thanks to Kim from Snowflakes, Palm Trees and Pretzels, I knew Classified Food would be the place to go. And go we did – every day except one in fact. From poached eggs with avocado, to a date and protein smoothie, to one of the best cinnamon and honey porridges I’ve ever tasted, this place was a winner. As an added bonus, they also provided a great wifi connection which our hotel was sorely lacking.



The Michelin-starred cheap eats

Famous in their own rights, Din Tai Fung and Tim Ho Wan both offer Michelin-starred food at reasonable prices, particularly Tim Ho Wan which is just downright cheap. Din Tai Fung offer some of the best xiao long bao I’ve ever had, and the pork buns at Tim Ho Wan were definitely worthy of their signature dish status. Just a word of warning though, expect a hefty wait at Tim Ho Wan.


*This has since been proved as untrue. We each put on more than a couple of kilos. D’oh.

Oddies Foodies – Shop 1F, G/F, 149 Wan Chai Rd, Wan Chai and 45 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong

 Social Place – The L. Place, 137-141 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

 Classified Food – various locations, see website

 Din Tai Fung – various locations, see website

Tim Ho Wan – various locations, see website