Challenging myself, comfort zones, and brunchin’ solo

I am someone who loves routine; I like getting up roughly the same time everyday and I love a good to-do list. Even now as a lady of leisure, I have a daily and weekly to do list that I can’t *not* update everyday (hello, wedding!). I have two breakfasts that I regularly alternate (oat based smoothie / avocado on toast with a boiled egg, FYI) and when I find an item of clothing I love, I wear it to death (or I buy just two. Surely I’m not the only one guilty of this?!). I find that this kind of routine helps me focus my time and energy on other things like work and personal projects.

As a lady of leisure, however, I’ve realised that I don’t need to have a routine right now. So I’ve decided to use my downtime to start challenging myself by stepping out of my comfort zone. Before you get excited and think I’m going to jump out of a plane or pack up my things and move overseas, I’m not talking about those big comfort zones. I’m talking about the little ones that I (or you) barely notice.

So with that in mind, yesterday I went to brunch at Journeyman in Windsor. By myself. Alone. Solo. I’m brunchin’ solo (cue Jason Derulo’s I’m ridin’ solo).

This might not seem that ground-breaking. And I’m sure plenty of people are regular solo-brunchers. But while I always wanted to go out for brunch by myself at a ‘cool’ cafe (did you know I heart brunch?), I was always too embarrassed as I thought people would stare at me. You know what though? No one cared! And other people were eating alone too! It was actually quite a relaxing start to the day; I put away my phone (lest I use it as a security blanket), read the newspaper (which I never do as I don’t buy it), people watched (one of my favourite pass times), and ate my waffles (very yummy). All in all, while I felt very conspicuous at first – especially when I asked for my table for 1 – I quickly learned to enjoy it instead. Success!

Some of the other ways I’ve challenged myself include:

  1. Started an interior design and decorating course just for fun; usually I would hesitate about attending a class on which I knew nothing about as I’d be worried I’d be the worst one there! Turns out while that might be true as many of the other students have a design background, I don’t actually mind as I’m learning a lot.
  2. Taking a different route to the shops/gym/whatever; usually I’m in such a hurry to get places that I take the same route every time. Taking a different route is just a small way to shake things up a little.
  3. Making protein balls; usually I avoid the kitchen at all costs as I ‘don’t cook’, but making these was strangely fulfilling. And they were yummy, so you know, win-win.
  4. Complimenting a stranger; I was in a store the other day and I really liked what someone was wearing. So I told her. Her face lit up and it was great.

I hope to keep making more of these small ‘disruptions’ to my comfort zones to see what happens. Watch this space.