It’s all good baby, baby*

Today I’m talking juice. I’ve always wanted to do a Pressed Juices juice cleanse. I am a big fan of their juices, and the idea of a cleanse seemed so alluring; get rid of toxins, feel more energised, drink yummy juices. Win-win-win! Now that I’m a lady of leisure (read: not working), it seemed like the perfect time as I didn’t have to worry about surviving on juice at the office.

That said, although I was initially planning to do the 3 day cleanse, I decided to try it for one day only to see how I would hold up. This was because I am in equal parts a wuss/weak willed when it comes to food/always hungry/love snacks. Also because I just didn’t get how you could not eat for 3 days (1 is going be bad enough!).

When I went into the store, the sales assistant was lovely; not only did she talk me through my options, but she walked me through a stack of juices to try to ensure I liked all my choices. She instructed me to drink one juice every 1.5 to 2 hours, in their designated order.

So with a healthy dose of trepidation and a little scepticism, here goes nothing…


Drink 1. The Black Lemonade: alkaline water, lemon, activated coconut charcoal, cayenne pepper.

This was a nice juice to start the day as it wasn’t too sweet and had a great zing and freshness to it. Harder than I thought drinking a whole juice in one sitting (normally I drink my Pressed Juices juice across 2 days).


Finally finished the first juice.


Feeling a little hungry, this is gonna be a long day…


Drink 2. Zen berry: Coconut water, coconut, strawberry, blueberry, cranberry, raspberry, green tea.

Got caught up doing wedding stuff so only just started the second juice. Mustn’t have been as hungry as I thought! I can see this why this is juice number 2 – it’s almost like a yoghurt-based smoothie so it’s a little more filling. Smashed this one down in around 20 minutes.


Now that I have my full day of food juice planned out, it’s making me realise just how much time I spend thinking about what to eat. Right now I would normally be planning my afternoon snack and dinner (lunch would have been determined by approximately 9am). Surprisingly not hungry anymore.

12.30pm – 2.30pm.

Drink 3. Earth 4: Beetroot, apple, cucumber, celery, blueberry, mint.

Drink 4. Greens 3: Apple, cucumber, lettuce, celery, spinach, kale, lemon, parsley, ginger.

The hunger is back. Man, is it back. I’ve also made another unpleasant discovery: not eating is boring. SEND HELP. AND SNACKS.


Drink 5. Earth 5: Carrot, orange, pineapple, celery, lemon, turmeric.

False alarm. I’m ok. The hunger has gone and has left me wondering whether I was actually hungry, or more simply missing food (did I mention that I love snacks?). I normally experience a slump around 3.00-3.30pm and start to feel tired, but I didn’t feel that today. Maybe there’s more to this juice thing than I first thought. Not eating is still boring though. And Instagram is not helping.


Drink 6. Zing 3: Pineapple, pear, mint, ginger.

Easily my favourite drink of the day so far. A little bit sweet, a little bit ‘zingy’ as the name suggests! I’m not hungry, but I am also trying not to look at Instagram either.


The fiancé is home. And he’s cooking dinner. I’m not actually hungry, but the smell! The butter! The carbs! TORTURE.


Drink 7. Spiced almond mylk: Almond mylk, dates cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, vanilla bean.

I’vee been looking forward to this one all day, I heart this drink. It’s like a mix between a chai tea and a chai latte. I drink this within half an hour or so and feel very satisfied after this one, as it’s both filling and super yummy. But by this stage I’m now visiting people and it’s a bit awks just sitting around drinking my juice. Also, they’re eating chocolate. Boo.


Drink 8. The slippery elm: alkaline water, licorice root, chia seeds, marshmallow root, cinnamon, slippery elm.

Last one! I did it! This one is a little weird because of the chia seeds which makes the drink a bit slimy, but it’s a nice one before bed as it’s not too sweet. I go to bed feeling satisfied; not hungry, and not disgustingly full either.


Overall, I think the benefits of this 1 day cleanse for me were mental more anything. It made me realise that sometimes I’m not as hungry as I think I am, I’m just craving food, and that I definitely eat until I am overfull. The cleanse was good as although I was a little hungry throughout the day, it wasn’t unmanageable. I also didn’t feel as bloated or sluggish as some other days, and I’d imagine these physical benefits would be intensified with a 3 day cleanse. So would I attempt a 3 day cleanse? Definitely. But only on days when I don’t have plans to go out and be around people eating (which is a bit hard to find at the moment). And my mantra would be this: don’t cleanse and Instagram.

*If you didn’t get the reference of this blog title and how it pertains to juice, see here. You can thank me later.