“It’s like a workout, but for your face…”

That’s how I would describe a detox facial at Herbario, a skincare clinic found on Chapel Street in Prahran. I first ventured there for a facial over 5 years ago, and I still head there to this day when I feel my skin needs a pick me up. With the wedding just around the corner, I decided to treat myself and help get my skin glowing for the big day. Here’s a little review (not sponsored), in case you’re interested in hearing more about my experience.

The first thing you notice when you step inside the clinic is the smell; thanks to the herbal remedies and botanical medicines which they develop themselves the clinic always smells lovely and fresh (but never overpowering). The second thing is how peaceful it feels, despite being in the heart of Chapel Street.

I got my standard facial, the Face Detox Treatment, a facial that is not for the faint-hearted! Not your typical facial, this one is less about lying in a state of bliss while a skin therapist gently works on your face, and more about eliminating toxins through vigorous (bordering on painful) massage.

Despite the pain and the hefty price tag (a detox facial is around $200 for an hour and $280 for 90 minutes), I still love this facial, as whenever I leave my skin not only feels more radiant and the shadows under my eyes a little less dark, but my face feels less tense and tight. I’ve found this lasts a month or two.

Although I only get this facial once or twice a year, I can imagine that more regular visits would yield better results. While the price tag is a little too much for me for regular visits, I did purchase some products to help my skin in the meantime.

One week in and so far, so good; my skin feels clearer and seems to better absorb my serum and moisturiser (whereas previously it felt as though they were just sitting on top of the skin). However, the routine is a little tedious; the process can take a while (you’re mixing ingredients together and massaging your face in a strict routine), and can leave powder in your hairline which you need to wash out. Because of this, I’ve only been using the products if I’m about to wash my hair, or if I’m not worried about my hair getting somewhat-ruined (as I typically straighten it). That said, I’m still seeing benefits even though I’m not doing it every morning as directed.

I’d love to hear about your favourite facials or skincare regimes!