Let’s talk about brunch

One of my favourite things to do on the weekend is head out for brunch. From a lazy brunch at one of my much-loved tried and tested (or is that tried and tasted?) cafes, to hitting up the new kid on the block, to discovering a new local, there’s something about brunch that just signals the start of the weekend.

Here’s my top 5 list of usual brunch suspects:

St Edmonds

This place is somewhat of a Prahran institution; when I first moved south side this was top of everyone’s must-try list. After trying this bircher musli I can see why, seriously one of the best I have ever had (oh and the awesome graffiti out of the front doesn’t hurt either).


The name Operator25 and its telephone-themed decor makes sense when you know its background – the cafe is housed in a heritage-listed building that was the original telephone exchange. Not only is the food and service great, but the space has a great vibe that’s as good for weekend eats as it is for work meetings (I’ve been there for both, numerous times!).

Bowery to Williamsburg

Unfortunately I never seem to take a pic of my favourite thing on the menu as I am always too busy eating it – the mac and cheese side that I order with everything (yepp, even with waffles). It is just that good, trust me.

Mr Mister

This places makes a killer brunch and a killer matcha latte, which is a win-win in my book. Although the options tend to be on the healthier side (no mac and cheese here), the food is creative (to wit: crispy egg on a quinoa salad as pictured above) and so yum that it almost makes me want to be healthy all the time (disclaimer: that would probably never happen, see #3).

Tall Timber

Although this cafe is a doozy to get into (sidenote: do people still say doozy?), it’s worth the wait. Or at the bare minimum, it’s worth heading there early when you can’t seem to sleep in which is what I do. By far the best thing about this place for me is the breakfast board. When I don’t know what to order I tend to toss-up between my two standards: musli and poached egg with avocado. As the girl on the taco add says: Why not have both?!

Next up on my list to try are The Kettle Black (I know I know, I’m almost ashamed to say I’m into brunch when I haven’t been there) and Muharam cafe in Hawthorn (thank you people ‘gramming pics of epic-looking milkshakes).

E x